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Barron Collier High (BCH) School
5600 Cougar Dr.
Naples, FL 34109
Phone: (239) 377-1200
Fax: (239) 377-1201
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Message from Principal Jose Hernandez
At Barron Collier High School, we strive to ensure that all students are provided opportunities for high academic achievement and personal growth. We are a school that is dedicated to continuing to provide these opportunities for students, as well as create new ones. As an “A” rated school since 2008, our staff is dedicated to providing an academically challenging educational program, which engages students and promotes further exploration of new ideas. In addition to being committed to academic excellence, we encourage all students to get involved in the school community by participating in one of over thirty different clubs and activities, or get involved on one of our many athletic teams and represent Barron Collier as a Cougar. At our school, parents, teachers, staff, administration and students all play an important role in encouraging our students to become active and life-long learners.

School Profile
Grades: 9-12 Mascot: Cougar
School has a: District Dress Code School Colors: Blue, Gray
Total Enrollment:  1691 Student Hours: 7:10 am - 2:05 pm
Feeder Pattern:  Board Member: Kathleen Curatolo, District 2
Barron Collier High (BCH) School Additional Demographics**
Student Population : 1691
Gender-M: 827 48.91 %
Gender-F: 864 51.09 %
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - All: 169 9.99 %
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - Gifted: 211 12.48 %
Economically Needy: 501 29.63 %
Home Language: English 1214 71.79 %
Home Language: Spanish 335 19.81 %
Home Language: Haitian Creole 39 2.31 %
Home Language: Other 103 6.09 %
Migrant: 0 0.00 %
Limited English Proficiency (LEP): 72 4.26 %
Race-White: 1061 62.74 %
Race-Black: 103 6.09 %
Race-Hispanic: 434 25.67 %
Race-Asian: 43 2.54 %
Race-MultiRacial: 45 2.66 %
Race-Indian: 5 0.30 %
Race-Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0 0.00 %

** School Information above is updated daily.

District Profile:

Collier County Public Schools is dedicated to the learning of individual perspectives and positively contributing to a diverse global community. We invite you to select the different Report Types, Survey Periods, Grade Levels, and compare them to the list of schools below to discovery the diversity in which Collier County Public Schools system is made.