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Gulf Coast High (GCH) School
7878 Shark Way
Naples, FL 34119
Phone: (239) 377-1400
Fax: (239) 377-1401
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Message from Principal Joseph Mikulski
School Principal Gulf Coast High School is a comprehensive school and offers a wide array of courses, classes, academies, and opportunities in the arts. Our graduation rate is well over 94% of students graduating on time. Students are able to take up to 15 different Advanced Placement classes, courses from the Cambridge AICE program and Dual Enrollment courses. All of which earn college credit. Various certifications are earned through our various academies. We are proud to be home of the states largest marching band with well more than 400 students per year. Many of our students earn all county and state honors in band, orchestra, chorus, drama and Model UN. When it comes to athletics, our teams are extremely successful on and off the field. Each year our various teams earn all-state recognition for maintaining some of the highest GPA's in the state. There is so much to be proud of at Gulf Coast. It all begins with our outstanding partnership of parents, students and teachers. Gulf Coast High School is a smashing place to learn, grow, make friends, and enjoy high school.

School Profile
Grades: 9-12 Mascot: Shark
School has a: District Dress Code School Colors: Teal, Gray
Total Enrollment:  2185 Student Hours: 7:10 am - 2:05 pm
Feeder Pattern:  Board Member: Erika Donalds, District 3
Gulf Coast High (GCH) School Additional Demographics**
Student Population : 2185
Gender-M: 1113 50.94 %
Gender-F: 1072 49.06 %
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - All: 155 7.09 %
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - Gifted: 198 9.06 %
Economically Needy: 506 23.16 %
Home Language: English 1659 75.93 %
Home Language: Spanish 342 15.65 %
Home Language: Haitian Creole 21 0.96 %
Home Language: Other 163 7.46 %
Migrant: 8 0.37 %
Limited English Proficiency (LEP): 53 2.43 %
Race-White: 1493 68.33 %
Race-Black: 76 3.48 %
Race-Hispanic: 493 22.56 %
Race-Asian: 62 2.84 %
Race-MultiRacial: 38 1.74 %
Race-Indian: 23 1.05 %
Race-Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0 0.00 %

** School Information above is updated daily.

District Profile:

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