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Lely High (LHS) School
1 Lely High School Blvd.
Naples, FL 34113
Phone: (239) 377-2000
Fax: (239) 377-2001
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Message from Principal Ryan Nemeth
Lely High School is a family and we care about one another’s success. Students here are challenged to learn and grow academically, physically, and socially. Staff is committed to helping students meet that challenge through involvement in classroom and extracurricular activities. Opportunities for every student to succeed academically exist on campus through AP (Advanced Placement) AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education), AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and Dual Enrollment. Students and staff at Lely High School work hard to make learning an authentic experience in all areas and are especially pleased to highlight those who participate in our Construction, Criminal Justice, and/or Teaching Assistant Academies. Computer programming is also an area where many students are making connections between their high school course work and “real life.” In addition to an academic focus, Lely prides itself in promoting a balanced high school experience offering opportunities for students to participate in sports and clubs that meet a variety of interests. Lely High School is deemed an “A” school by the State of Florida. This affirms the Lely High School family’s belief works: “Learning for All – Whatever it Takes!”

School Profile
Grades: 9-12 Mascot: Trojan
School has a: no School Colors: Orange, Black
Total Enrollment:  1520 Student Hours: 7:10 am - 2:05 pm
Feeder Pattern:  Board Member: Kelly Lichter, District 1
Lely High (LHS) School Additional Demographics**
Student Population : 1520
Gender-M: 756 49.74 %
Gender-F: 764 50.26 %
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - All: 146 9.61 %
Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - Gifted: 154 10.13 %
Economically Needy: 1084 71.32 %
Home Language: English 629 41.38 %
Home Language: Spanish 586 38.55 %
Home Language: Haitian Creole 278 18.29 %
Home Language: Other 27 1.78 %
Migrant: 32 2.11 %
Limited English Proficiency (LEP): 107 7.04 %
Race-White: 388 25.53 %
Race-Black: 360 23.68 %
Race-Hispanic: 730 48.03 %
Race-Asian: 9 0.59 %
Race-MultiRacial: 20 1.32 %
Race-Indian: 10 0.66 %
Race-Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 3 0.20 %

** School Information above is updated daily.

District Profile:

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