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May 2021 - Volume 10, Issue 10
Message from the Superintendent
May is upon us and the end of the school year is drawing near. We are excited that we will once again be able to host in-person commencement ceremonies this month for our graduating seniors. We are incredibly #CCPSProud of our seniors for adapting to the changes this year brought and having the grit and resilience to continue to succeed. Click here to read the latest update regarding our Class of 2021 commencements.
A special congratulations to Poinciana Elementary School's Kristi Humberger and Celine Johnson, our 2021 nominees for Florida Teacher of the Year and School-Related Employee of the year, respectively. This is the first time in CCPS history that the two award nominees come from the same school! A well-deserved recognition for these ladies.
I also want to take a moment to extend a sincere thank you to Champions For Learning for honoring ALL of our educators during its Golden Apple Celebration of Teachers television special just last month. Our CCPS Family teachers are certainly extraordinary! To continue the celebration, the first week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Make sure to #ThankATeacher. A heartfelt message goes a long way! Click here for ideas on how to show your appreciation.
Have a phenomenal May!
~ Dr. Kamela Patton
EMPATHY refers to having the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It is about putting oneself in another's shoes.
Conversation Starter
In what ways has empathy for another person prompted you to take action? Explain.
May 11
Regular School Board Meeting at 4:00pm
May 18
School Board Work Session at 4:00pm
May 28
Virtual Learning Day
High School Graduation Day
May 31
No School (Memorial Day)
District Calendar
Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is excited to provide updated plans for Class of 2021 Commencement ceremonies! Each senior student will be allowed four (4) tickets for members of his/her household, two (2) identified for seating on the field and two (2) identified for bleacher seating.
Click here to read full update
With a mission to improve the lives of abused children, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collier County (CAC) is critical to the most vulnerable and fragile children in our community. Through its programs, CAC helps restore the lives of children who have been through extremely challenging times. The beauty of the Child Advocacy Center is that it brings together all the individuals who need to be involved when a child is suffering. Instead of piecemealing services (i.e. physician, law enforcement, child protective services, counseling, etc.), CAC provides one safe location to protect the child and get them the help and services they need. Last year alone, CAC served almost 1,500 children under the age of 18. While we all wish that there was not a need for an organization like this in our community, we are fortunate to have the CAC to care for and protect children when they need it. Collier County is fortunate to have someone to turn to when the unthinkable happens.
Click here to learn more about the Children's Advocacy Center
Congratulations to Corkscrew Middle School for racing to a first place win at the 2020-2021 STEAM Competition Solar Car Races!
Congratulations to Poinciana Elementary School media specialist Kristi Humberger, our Collier County nominee for Florida Teacher of the Year, and media assistant Celine Johnson, our Collier County nominee for School-Related Employee of the Year!
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