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June 28, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Collier County Public Schools is an “A” rated school District!

In 2017:

  • Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is the 5th highest of 67 districts, an increase in state ranking from 14th in 2016 and 33rd in 2011
  • CCPS is among only 11 districts (16%) to earn an “A”In District total points earned, CCPS increased 56 points to 699 in 2017 from 643 in 2016, the second highest in terms of overall growth in points earned
  • CCPS has shown significant growth in the number of schools earning an “A” or “B” up to 74% (2017) from 53% (2016)
  • CCPS has 46% of schools earning an “A”
  • Seventeen schools improved one or more letter grades
  • Four of the seventeen schools increased two letter grades
  • No schools decreased in grades
  • There continue to be no “F” schools in CCPS

The state accountability system focuses the grading formula on the following school and district performance outcomes: student achievement, learning gains, graduation, acceleration success, and maintaining a focus on students who need the most support.

Incredible growth in CCPS can be attributed to the hard work and commitment of students, teachers, administrators, District staff, and strong community support. A focus on progress monitoring and ongoing adjustments to instruction are integral to overall student achievement. Estates, Palmetto, and Shadowlawn Elementary Schools all increased from “C” to “A”, a significant accomplishment among the many school gains.

“The District has earned an ‘A’ based on the state accountability system. We are proud to be the fifth highest district of 67 districts in terms of student achievement measures. To be among the 11 districts earning an ‘A’ is a significant accomplishment for our schools and the community. Additionally, many of our schools have made significant growth due to the collective commitment.”

Click here to read the full Assessment Brief.

Kamela Patton, Ph.D.

Collier County Public Schools

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School Board
Mr. Roy M. Terry, Chair • Mrs. Erika Donalds, Vice Chair
Mr. Erick Carter, Member • Mrs. Kelly Lichter, Member • Mrs. Stephanie Lucarelli, Member

Dr. Kamela Patton