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Brainstorming with LEGO Robotics

As a continuation of school-based STEM challenges, fifth graders will soon have the opportunity to build and compete with LEGO EV3 robots. During the month of May, one 5th grade teacher from each elementary school will attend a day of professional learning and fun! The training is made possible through a partnership with the University of Florida Extension and 4-H Youth Development Program. Funding for the robots is made possible through a Florida Department of Education grant and school district support. Each participating fifth grade teacher will receive six EV3 LEGO kits. Our students will experience “engineer think” as they visualize the challenge, build models, conduct trials, design modifications for success and reflect upon their process. Class competitions will take place during the month of May and early June. Click here for an example of EV3 LEGO Mindstorms. You will see a sample of a project completed at Calusa Park Elementary school.


3rd Annual iSTEM Competition


May 21, 2016
Florida SouthWestern State College


On Saturday, May 21, 2016, Florida SouthWestern State College in Naples was the site of the School District’s 3rd Annual iSTEM Competition. Winning teams from all 50 schools came together for a day of collaboration, competition and excitement! Our 4th graders competed with littleBits, tiny magnetic electric circuit components. Sixth graders raced model solar cars and our ninth graders traversed the campus in search of hidden geocaches to solve mathematical problems. New to the competition this year was a high school VEX Robotics contest. All participating students and guests had a phenomenal STEM-filled day! Competition results are listed below. For photo and video highlights from the event, please click here.

littleBits - Elementary School
  • 1st Place - Golden Gate Elementary School
  • 2nd Place - Avalon Elementary School
  • 3rd Place - Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Solar Cars - Middle School
  • 1st Place - Cypress Palm Middle School
  • 2nd Place - Pine Ridge Middle School
  • 3rd Place - Everglades City School
Geocaching - High School
  • 1st Place - Golden Gate High School
  • 2nd Place - Gulf Coast High School
  • 3rd Place - Palmetto Ridge High School
VEX Robotics
  • 1st Place - Immokalee High School
  • 2nd Place - Immokalee High School
  • 3rd Place - Naples High School
Digital Leaders of Collier

Digital Leaders of Collier (DLC) is a professional development program that provides instructional technology training to a select group of teacher leaders from each school that in turn support their faculty with the integration of digital resources into instructional practice. The sessions are immersive experiences designed to provide teacher leaders with authentic, innovative teaching and learning skills. Teachers explore educational research on rigor and scaffolding and translate those best practices to digital tools. Sharing of innovative practices, applications and new technology are all part of each DLC training day. One of our DLC teachers, Aaron Thayer, from MMS, shared the link 60 Apps in 60 Minutes from the 2016 FETC conference.

60 Apps in 60 Minutes


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