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5th Grade - October 2018

Happy Fall! In October, you and your students will continue to investigate the weather and how it determines climate over long periods of time. Remember; “climate if what you expect, weather is what you get.” Digital modeling is a great way for students to expand their understanding of climate and weather. When it comes to survival and adaptations in animals, change happens over really long periods of time. QB1 will be coming up and we want you to help your students to prepare for this assessment so here is the QBA1 TestMap for what is tested.



climate, desert, elevation, environment, humidity, latitude, mountains, precipitation, polar climate zone (artic), rainforest, swamp, temperate climate, zone, temperature, tropical climate zone, tundra, wetlands

Formative Assessments
Pearson uInvestigate Lab
  • What can happen to warm air? (page 109) - School supplied lab materials: safety goggles, very warm water, scissors, tape, spiral pattern sheet
  • How do bodies of water affect climate? (page 117) - Need: cardboard, 15 cm X 15cm, warm water, ice cubes, goggles
Featured Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER)
  • Guiding Question: What weather conditions will exist? (given data or a map with given data)
  • Guiding Question: Using the data, which climate would you select to go skiing in? (give students data related to different climates with one being ideal for skiing)
STEAM Integration Lesson Cambridge ADI USA TestPrep
  • Weather Across Environments and Climate Zones - WANARENAPA


earthquakes, floods, hurricane, landslides, natural disasters, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical depression, tsunami, wild fires

Formative Assessments
Pearson uInvestigate Lab
  • How can you stay safe during a storm? (page 125) - Need: 2 cups sand or soil, water, scissors, glue, duct tape



adaptation, behavior, camouflage, community, ecosystem, environment, extinct, life cycle, organism, survive

Formative Assessments
Pearson uInvestigate Lab
  • How can you locate an object using only sound? (page 387) - School supplied lab materials: cooking pot

Featured Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER)

  • Guiding Question: What size should an animal be (in kg) to be large enough to be put in an outdoor enclosure vs. indoor cage of aquarium? (refer to CPALMS interplanetary zoo lesson)
STEAM Integration Lesson Cambridge ADI USA TestPrep
  • Survival and Adaptations - LUXARECADU


Did You Know?
Did you know CCPS has two weather stations? Check out the weather data from:


SSA Test Taking Skills Practice
PowerPoint - use as a daily practice to build skills in data and question analysis.


Welcome to Fall! Imagine what life was like for ancient cultures with their limited shelter. How did they survive the elements? As students study the Native peoples of North America they will read and consider how each culture was influenced by their environment. The geography benchmarks addressed at the beginning of the year lay the foundation for learning about where the roots of our nation began and provide opportunities for discussions about ancient American civilizations, Native American tribes and exploration. Continue to use maps and images to reinforce the learning of primary and secondary sources and to make learning fun and engaging for your students! Remember to teach to reach!


Student Friendly Goals

Learning Goal 6
Learning Goal 7
Learning Goal 8
Learning Goal 9

SS.5.A.1.1, SS.5.A.2.1, SS.5.A.2.2, SS.5.A.2.3, SS.5.A.3.1, SS.5.A.3.2, SS.5.A.3.3, SS.5.E.2.1

culture, slavery, civilization, irrigation, migrate, merchant, navigation, empire, exploration, missionary

Special Lessons

Featured Inquiry Lesson (Cambridge Primary)

Spotlight on the Classroom
Students in Melissa Crosby’s classroom start work on their first DBQ at Poinciana Elementary School. Evidence-based thinking from hook to writing.

Featured Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Questions
(CER Graphic Organizer)
Read about the Spanish, French, English, and Dutch explorers in Unit 3. Which country, or individual explorer, had the greatest accomplishment?

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